• Andon System Premier

This Andon system is composed of an Andon units (Two Displays + Error Codes), Department Display Boards and Tower light units.

3.1 Andon Unit – Two Displays + Error Codes 
* Unit comes with of two Displays and a built in Error code System.
* Unit has a built in Output port, Two LED Lamps, Buzzer, LCD (16x2), Seven Segment Display, 4x4 Keypad Twelve Push Buttons with 12 LEDs and wifi antenna. 
* No external keypad is required.
* Has six push buttons with LED Lamp indication lights to create DT and a separate buttons with LED indication lights to respond.
* The current Down time is displayed in the seven segment display in HH:MM:SS format.
* The Andon unit has Two LED Lamp which has six colours (3 colour each) indicates the DT status.
* The Buzzer beeps when a Downtime Creates.
* Has an Inbuilt Error code system with a separate LCD Display.
* Tower light units can be Connectorected wireless/wired .
* 12VDC, 5A SMPS is required to power the Andon Unit, SMPS Unit inputs 110 – 230 VAC Power.

3.2 Tower Light 
* This unit is a indication device which can be used to the downtime Department status (which department has a Downtime). 
* Unit has a built in Signal input port, LED Lamps, buzzer and a Wifi Antenna.
* The unit is consist of 6 LED Light columns for six Departments.
* LED columns indicate the Downtime Status (Blink, Steady, Off).
* The Buzzer beeps when a Downtime Creates.
* As this unit can be mounted on the roof/Ceiling floor and has a cylindrical 360 view, floor members can easily identify which Andon started the DT and also the Department of which a DT is running.
* Wireless and wired units area available.
* ABS Plastic Casing.
* Wired Unit is Powered by Andon Unit while the wireless Unit requires 12VDC, 1A SMPS is required to power the Andon Unit, SMPS Unit inputs 110 – 230 VAC Power.

3.3 Department Display Board 
* Department Display board is a Digital Dashboard Unit.
* The Unit has a built in Seven Segment Display , LED Lamps , Buzzer and Wi-Fi Antenna.
* The Indication LED Lamp in the Keypad helps to recognize where the Downtime occurred.
* This unit I available in 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 Lamps.
* Lamps are available in one or two colour according to the customer requirements. 
* One single LED Lamp represents one Andon Unit (one production line).
* The Total Downtime relevant to the department is displayed in the seven segment display in HH:MM:SS format.
* The Buzzer beeps when a new Downtime created and beep can be reset by “Reset” switch.
* The unit is wireless (Wi-Fi). 
* Metal and Plastic + Wooden Casings available.
* 12VDC, 1A SMPS is used to power the Andon Unit, SMPS Unit inputs 110 – 230 VAC Power.

3.4 The PC interface application 
* The PC interface application is written in Visual Basic programming language and it does have following tasks basically;
• Collect data from Andon units via the Wireless router and Wi-Fi network.
• The interface application consists of a Main screen with downtime duration display.
• Send SMS Downtime information alerts to top management members.
• Save Downtime data to a SQL database and they can be imported to any report.
• Log errors and every events of the system to a text file.
* The PC application is also capable to reset all Andon units at once.
* At the start of particular day or shift all the Andons and Department Display boards reset automatically.
* The PC Software is capable of Generating reports at any time for any day.
* PC Interface software is a “windows” based application that can run on any Windows version.

Extra Requirements for the Andon System,
Wi-Fi Router, Personal computer and USB Dongle.

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Andon System Premier

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